“Free Course teaches you the foundations of using instagram for your business"

Hey Instagrammer,

I'm David Talas, and I've put together this FREE course that will help you create better content, grow your audience, and convert your followers to customers using Instagram.

I've collected some of my best tips that I used to build my personal brand from zero to 100K followers in just 9 months, and a 6-figure business almost entirely using organic traffic.

By the end of this course, you'll know the foundations of using Instagram to grow your brand and your business.

What's inside the course?

Find Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is is vital for success. Therefore, we'll start the course with positioning and niching.

You'll understand the principles of positioning, craft your positioining statement and define your Smallest Viable Audience.

Branding on Instagram

Your brand is what a person feels when they think about you or your business.

In this module, you'll learn what are the Instagram specific touch-points for your brand, how to optimize your profile for maximum conversions, and the 4 elements every Instagram bio needs.

The Instagram Algorithm

Oh boy, the Algorithm. The biggest villain of all. I'll teach you how it works, and after you know that, you'll know how to beat it.

We'll talk a little bit about Machine Learning, we'll debunk the most famous algorithm myths, and I'll show you how the algorithm feeds content on the Explore and Home feed.

Content Creation Tips

Once you know how the algorithm works, it will be easy to feed it with good content.

In this module, I'll show you how to come up with new ideas, how to make those ideas contextual and how to create content really fast.

Growth Hacking

Your content is worth nothing if people don't see it. Distribution therefore is the amplifier of your message.

In this module, we'll debunk some Instagram growth myths, I'll give you guidance on how to use hashtags, how to get featured on other accounts and how to grow by not trying to grow.

Instagram for Business

And to wrap it all up, I'll show you my best tips on using Instagram for your business.

You'll learn how to be known, liked and trusted by your audience, how to craft your offer, how to drive traffic to your offer using Instagram, how to sell in your DMs, and how to create the simplest sales funnel ever.

I believe in learning by doing, therefore I added exercises and action steps in the course that you should do to get the most out of this experience.

Once you sign up for this course, you'll get access to the workbook that contains all the exercises, and you can (and have to) fill in and keep for yourself as you go.

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