Don't aim to go viral

Jul 10, 2020
Why making viral content is not the best way to grow

There are a few problems with going viral.

First, it means your content is appreciated by the masses. Therefore it's just average. You dumbed it down.

If it's for the masses, suddenly you will have lots of competition. Average is easy to create. But I don't think you want to make average stuff.

Second, the post-viral depression. One of your posts got millions of impressions. Then the next one goes back to normal. From now on, you will be chasing that viral hit. Forever.

Your dopamine receptors were fried from the external validation that you got. That's your new norm. And anything under that will feel sub par. You become desensitized.

If you have previously wrapped your self-esteem in the the external feedback that you've got, now you feel you're not enough. But that's not true.

Tell yourself you're enough.

And third, it's really difficult. It usually happens by accident. It's unpredictable. So trying to crack the formula seems to be a wasted effort.

Now I don't mean it's bad to reach millions of people. Actually it's pretty good, and can help boost your account and your career.

But it's not the key to growth. Actually, quite the opposite. Consistency & persistence is the key to growth, and it sometimes leads to viral posts.

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