How to take advantage of LinkedIn's organic reach

Jul 10, 2020
Growth Hacking
How LinkedIn's organic reach can help you

Last night, before I went to bed, I shared one of my Instagram carousels on LinkedIn.

20 hours later, it has been viewed over 17,000 times on the feed.

I only have 600-ish followers.

The organic reach is bananas on LinkedIn. There is a shift, and I don't want you to be left out of this.

Social media platforms are competing for creators. The way they can do that is if they increase organic reach and help you build your audience.

LinkedIn is one of these booming platforms now, especially if you make a living of your expertise. (The other one is TikTok, which I'm still figuring out, but it seems like there are lots of interesting educational videos out there too.)

So, back to the point. Let's say you have already made a few posts for Instagram, and one of them performed above average.

Chances are that post performed well because of the content itself, and not a rare phenomena by the magical algorithm.

So why not maximize that reach?

1A) If you're like me, and create carousel posts, you can literally export the same content as a PDF file (instead of images), and then upload it to LinkedIn.

1B) If you share more video content or single image posts, share those.

2) Write a short caption, and add 5 niche hashtags (that's what others told me, I don't know how well it works).

3) Then, and this is crucial if you're starting out, start sharing that content on all the other social media platforms. Personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If your post gets high engagement from outside traffic in the beginning, chances are it's going to perform well overall. (This is also not validated, but that's how I started.)

4) Reply and engage with all the comments that you get.

If you already have some content made, this process literally takes 3-5 minutes.

You might be worried about sharing the same post on two different platforms. If that's your objection, let's handle that:

  • Different people hang out on different platforms. It's probably a new audience who hasn't seen your stuff before.
  • If they have seen it, and they are such big fans that they decide to follow you on multiple platforms, they won't mind. Actually, they will love to see it again, and love to see you pushing your important message out to more people on other platforms.
  • If they have seen it, and they are not big fans, then it's not for them anyways.
  • You can make it more contextual by writing a different caption, adding a few extra slides, or extending the video length, giving it more context and extra value
  • If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Don't waste your content. If you have put in effort to make one piece, and with just a little edit you can reuse it and help more people, then be generous.

Share it!

Here's the LinkedIn post for reference.

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