What is the algorithm anyways?

Jul 10, 2020
What is the algorithm anyways?

I want you to learn something that's not true at all.

From now on, imagine that the Instagram Algorithm doesn't exist.

We all know there is some kind of algorithm, so why am I telling this to you? Why do I want you to ignore that?

Because it's probably holding you back, and makes you post the wrong content.

And it's also half true. There is no algorithm, only people who use the platform.

Imagine if you were the algorithm: How would you determine that a post is good or bad? You are a machine, so you can't really see the post. What will you judge the post based on?

I would judge it based on how people engage with it. If people like it, share it, save it or comment on it, then it must be a good post, so I will push it to more people.

If people perform negative actions, such as scrolling through without engagement, tapping "See fewer posts like this" or even quitting the platform, I will not show it to other people because then I'm risking them quitting the platform too.

So next time you post something, think about the people you're posting it for, and be mindful of the context. People are scrolling through fast, and they are in one of their most unproductive states of mind.

Post accordingly.

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